Success Stories

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Paris-based Colonna Group modernized its core RPG application using Rest 4i.  Quick and easy-to-implement Rest4i saved Colonna Group a significant amount of time in coding, enabling them to meet a critical deadline for a modernization project. Their 20-year-old application and modern apps now integrate perfectly on IBM i.
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MDCMS Boosts Software Development Productivity at the CSSB

When the Civil Service Superannuation Board replaced an internally developed software change management system, they sought an agile vendor that could provide strong CM for a competitive price and responsive support. Read about their implementation of MDCMS.

Auto Auction Industry Innovator Transforms Software Distribution

There comes a time for many software development shops when their own internally developed processes and tools are no longer sufficient to handle critical change management and software distribution functions. Read and discover how software developer Auction Edge gained robust distribution and flexible rollback with MDCMS.

Beverage Industry Applications Developer Upgrades to MDCMS

VIP’s legacy CM solution became less reliable and significantly more costly over time. By moving to MDCMS, the ISV gained up-to-date change management capabilities, great SQL handling, and cross referencing, while saving money. Learn more

At Credit Suisse, the Investment in Midrange Dynamics Pays Off Every Day

This global bank relies on Midrange Dynamics solutions to manage its entire software change process—from project management, development and testing, through distribution and installation on production systems.
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BCI Miami Branch Facilitates Software Reception and Compliance

Read and learn how Midrange Dynamics helps BCI Miami Branch manage reception and deployment of software changes for its Datapro IBS Core Banking System and retain an audit trail of all changes to its financial systems.

Version Control and Software Change Management at Geodis

Learn how Geodis Global Solutions selected MDCMS to standardize and secure test phases and moving software changes into production, and why they agreed to become the MDCMS pilot site for other units within the Geodis Group.