MDCMS Change Management Software

Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Feature-Rich

Application Lifecycle Management for IBM i and Open Source Teams

Midrange Dynamics’ flagship offering, MDCMS is a great fit for IBM i development shops that want to gain the benefits of clean, automated, and fully audited software deployments. It’s the go-to solution for organizations that are ready to migrate their development efforts to a modern change management solution or handle additional workloads by bringing other platforms under change management. Of course, with MDCMS you will meet all your company’s regulatory compliance requirements, saving a great deal of time and effort in the process.

Powerful, affordable, and flexible, MDCMS incorporates all the capabilities you need to modify, install, and distribute application changes across multiple IBM i systems:

Installation Management

Distribution Management

Audit Management

Project Management

Analysis Management

Source & Object Management

Designed with Integration in Mind

MDCMS provides everything you need to handle application changes on IBM i systems. In addition, with the MDOpen plug-in, every MDCMS feature that’s available for native IBM i deployment is also available for multiplatform environments.

MDCMS is inherently flexible it its design – our customers do not need to learn a proprietary language to configure it to fit their environment. This flexibility, and the REST APis included with MDCMS, also enable us to work well with other leading solutions on the market, including tools that support various types of modernization projects.

Midrange Dynamics change management is an integrated solution with tools that work for native and open systems development on the same screen. Our fully functional field-level cross referencing tool is also a plus. In addition, no other change management solutions offer the depth of functionality related to SQL included in MDCMS.

For many reasons, including quicker implementation and easy upgrade to new versions, you will enjoy lower total cost of ownership with Midrange Dynamics change management.

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Comprehensive Coverage for Modern SQL Applications

If you’re doing SQL development or database modernization projects, MDCMS gives you all the change management tools you need to address new issues and new technologies.

MDRapid, a separately licensed module, processes DB2 data file changes, maintaining the information in SQL tables until it’s time to move to production. This allows migration of data file changes to production in minutes instead of hours.

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 A Fully Open Change Management Solution

Just add the MDOpen plug-in, and every MDCMS feature available for native IBM i deployment is available for multiplatform environments including UNIX, LINUX, and .net. This includes full rollback from the satellite servers, workflow management, audit capability, and reports suitable for regulatory compliance.

MDCMS and MDOpen can be used with any Eclipse-based platform, and they are compatible with RDi. Developers in team environments who are using Open Source tools such as Subversion, CVS, and Git, as well as .net, will appreciate MDOpen’s intuitive interface, great functionality at the developer workspace level, and advanced deployment and rollback capabilities for Unix, LINUX, and Windows servers.

Since MDOpen interfaces to RDi, SVN, and Git, it presents an easy, centralized way to manage change. Work in any IDE, quickly identify what needs to be deployed, and move smoothly through the automated deployment process, which includes automatic rollback

MDCMS handles deployment in mixed server environments with ease. With its single database, all source and objects are in one place regardless of how many types of servers are involved. Upgrading to a new release of MDCMS is accomplished with a single click. Take advantage of every new function in MDCMS without the need to reconfigure your environment

“The product is solid, and the support we’ve received has been great. We believe Midrange Dynamics has a solid commitment to their product, which gives us a lot of confidence in relying on it for our change management.”

– Dave Easton, VP of IT – MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.